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국내/외급 논문분류 연구자 발표지
Myxoid Liposarcoma of the Breast Mimicking Phyllodes Tumor: A Case Report 인기글 Journal of the Korean Society of Radiology
SCIE Case Report Lee SJ, Ryu JK, Won KY, Han SA 2023;84(4):952-957
Structured Reporting for Pediatric Appendiceal US: Can It Reduce CT Utiliza… 인기글 Journal of the Korean Society of Radiology
SCIE 기타 Yang DM 2023;84(3):663-665
Gray-white matter boundary Z-score and volume as imaging biomarkers of Alzh… 인기글 Front Aging Neurosci
SCIE Original Article Tian Y, Oh JH, Rhee HY, Park SC, Ryu CW, Cho AR, Jahng GH 2023;15():129137-
Ultrasonography of intrascrotal torsed appendages: size and interval betwee… 인기글 Ultrasonography
SCIE Original Article Lim SH, Yang DM, Kim HC, Kim SW, Kim H, Lee DI, Moon SK, Park SJ 2023;42(2):259-264
Concurrent FDG-Avid and Non-FDG-Avid Pleomorphic Adenomas in the Submandibu… 인기글 Clin Nucl Med
SCIE Case Report Park S, Lee YC, Kim GY, Kim C 2023;48(3):138-140
Malignant Transformation of Warthin Tumor in the Cervical Lymph Node 인기글 Clin Nucl Med
SCIE Case Report Park S, Lee YC, Lim SJ, Kim C 2023;48(4):342-344
An aptamer-based magnetic resonance imaging contrast agent for detecting ol… 인기글 NMR Biomed
SCIE 기타 Kim ST, Kim HG, Kim YM, Han HS, Cho JH, Lim SC, Lee T, Jahng GH 2023;36(3):4862-
High frequency conductivity decomposition by solving physically constraint … 인기글 Scientific Reports
SCIE Original Article Kwon OI, Lee MB, Jahng GH 2023;13(1):3273-
Microvascular morphology alteration using relaxation rate change with gadol… 인기글 Quantitative Imaging Medicine and Surgery
SCIE Original Article Guo XY, Kwon HJ, Rhee HY, Park S, Cho AR, Ryu CW, Jahng GH 2023;13(1):1-16
Contribution of Microbleeds on Microvascular Magnetic Resonance Imaging Sig… 인기글 PROGRESS in MEDICAL PHYSICS
학진등재 Original Article Yoo CH, Goh J, Jahng GH 2022;33(4):88-100
Various Intratesticular Hypoechoic Lesions on Scrotal Sonography 인기글 Journal of the Korean Society of Radiology
학진등재 Pictorial Essay Jo JI, Yang DM, Kim HC, Kim SW 2022;83(4):861-875
Arterial ischemic stroke in a patient with co-existence of antiphospholipid… 인기글 Quantitative Imaging in Medicine and Surgery
SCIE Case Report Park S, Ryu CW. 2022;12(11):5305-5308
Psammomatoid ossifying fibroma in the extraconal space: a case report 인기글 American Journal of Translational Research
SCIE Case Report Kim HK, Park S, Ryu CW 2022;14(9):6407-6411
Association between carotid atherosclerosis and presence of intracranial at… 인기글 Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice
SCIE Original Article Eun Jun J, Hwang YC, Jeong Ahn K, Yeon Chung H, Jahng GH, Park S, Jeong IK, Ryu CW. 2022;191():110067-
Reliable quality assurance of X-ray mammography scanner by evaluation the s… 인기글 European Journal of Radiology
SCIE Original Article Oh JH, Kim HG, Lee KM, Ryu CW. 2022;154():110369-